Mercon’s goal is to deliver a rugged, durable rifle optic, designed for precision shooting whether it be for hunting, bench rest or competition that is direct from the manufacturer to you. By offering this scope directly to the consumer from the manufacturer, we are able to bring you the same premiere optical manufacturing process found in many high end optics, at an affordable price. Our commitment to delivering the most value to you is a primary focus for our Riflescopes along with our EOD warranty to back up our commitment to durable Riflescopes.



The Mercon Riflescope comes with our End of Days (EOD) Warranty. Each Mercon Riflescope is manufactured and engineered to the most stringent tolerances and verified by a quality assurance process. If any scope proves to be deficient in quality or defective in workmanship or material, please contact Mercon Optics and we will gladly replace your unit even till the End of Days (EOD). This warranty is transferrable and you do not need to provide the original proof of purchase for this product. Please note that this warranty does not include coverage for theft, loss, intentional misuse/ damage, or cosmetic damages that do not affect the operation of the scope.

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