About Us

MERCON Optics was created to bring world class performance optics at the lowest possible price. Manufactured in Japan, using the best materials and innovative technology, we offer MERCON, a direct to consumer company.

Add the following – MERCON’s direct to consumer sales channel allows you the buyer to save 30-40% compared to similar quality optics. For example, our MK1 1-6X24 has a $1099 Retail price compared to Vortex Razor 1-6X24 that sell for $1399.

MERCON comes with our End of Days (EOD) Warranty where your product is guaranteed for life. Whether you are a sportsman, avid competitor or quiet professional, we have the quality and dependability you require. Instead of settling for inferior product due to budget constraints, stretch your dollar further by taking out dealer, distributor profit. See your target crystal clear with the best glass money can buy and now, it’s finally affordable.

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