Where do I send my optic in for service, repair? How long does this typically take?

Simply call or email us for instructions on how to send in your optic. Or mail it back with your name, contact information. Upon receipt of the faulty product, we will contact you and should be able to get you your optic in 3-5 business days.

Can I have an existing scope refinished?

Unfortunately, we do not recommend refinishing your optic scope body. To properly remove scratches, dings, or ring marks, it must be replaced. We can not guarantee or warranty products that have been refinished, painted or anodized.

What is the difference between a front focal plane ( 1st focal plane ) reticle and a rear focal plane ( 2nd focal plane ) reticle?

SFP or Second Focal Plane scopes place the reticle behind the erector. The main takeaway in terms of the difference between the two focal planes is the fact that first focal plane reticles do not grow or shrink in size as magnification increases.

What batteries do I need for my illuminated reticle

Please use any 3V CR2032 battery. For best results we recommend Energizer.

How much should I torque my rings onto my optic.

We recommend using a quality torque wrench and tightening your rings evenly, 16 Inch Pounds.

How do I clean and maintain the optic?

Lens cleaning: We recommend using the supplied cleaning cloth to gently brush aside debris that may collect on your optic lenses. To removed finger prints you can use a few drops of absolute alcohol on the supplied cleaning cloth to lightly wipe the finger print out. Avoid excessive pressure on the lens.

Tube cleaning: Use a soft dry cloth to wipe off any debris that may accumulate, it’s not necessary to use any lubrication on the body itself.

No lubrication is necessary to be maintained by customer on any of the adjustments on the optic, which includes the eyepiece adjustment, power selector, wind/elevation adjustments. All pertinent areas will be lubricated from the factory.

Please do not attempt to disassemble your rifle scope. If you require assistance please contact one of our qualified technicians to discuss your riflescope and we will be happy to assist you.

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